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Motivated Marketing™ Workshops

Are you great at what you do, and not so great at selling it?
Does the thought of marketing yourself make you uneasy?
Do you want business simply to flow to you based on your expertise and relationships?

Have you ever read a how-to book on sales or marketing, and thought:
I could never do that!
    That's pretty sleazy...
That's too pushy for me.
    Who has the time to do that?
If I had a sales staff of 20, I might be able to work that one.
    Yeah, right!

Either you have to swallow the expert's system whole, or you have to do a ton of networking and mailings and phone calls that you know you'll never get to, or you do it for a couple of weeks and then get caught up in a project and file the book in the "business fiction" section of your office bookcase.

Menu of Workshops

Introduction to Motivated Marketing

Turn Leads into Gold: End Cold Calling Forever and Attract More Business Than You Can Handle

Be Yourself

Creating Irresistible Offers

I can customize sessions for as few or as many participants as you like.  Treat your staff, your clients, your referral sources to a fast-paced, energizing workshop that will make them smile and make them money.  Call me to set up a customized program that's convenient for you. 

Here's what some past participants said about Motivated Marketing™ Workshops:

"I received additional ideas on how to present myself to prospective clients with a different approach, 'How my knowledge and health insurance services will benefit them,' by understanding their dissatisfaction with their current health insurance company and ways to solve their problems.  You were great!" 
- Karen Telymonde, Nottingham Insurance.

"It is helpful to immerse myself in a marketing mindset - the workshop did that for me.  Also, I have two distinct client bases and I need market myself differently to each group." 
- Harvey Fram, New York Life.

"You opened my eyes to new ideas about marketing my business." 
- John Quattrocchi, Corridor Mortgage.

"You gave me lots of useful nudges; talking to people got me to try to articulate what it is I do. 
- Chris Allen, KinKinema.

"Even though I'm very shy, this was relatively painless.  The interactive one-on-ones were very helpful, and the group of people at the seminar was great." 
- A Very Shy Health Care Provider, Hamilton Township.

"In the travel business, I can use everything that you brought up.  The ideas of communicating and being unique I find intriguing and I leave excited and motivated.  It is nice to go outside the box and look at what makes us different and market that, instead of using the same vehicles constantly, which frankly I find boring and uncreative." 
- Harry Hutchison, Collier Travel.

"Why did you have to hold the workshop at 7 in the morning? Zzzzzzz."
- Name withheld.  (See, I listened!)

Still not convinced? Call me for a complimentary 15-minute consultation. No risk, no obligation, no heavy breathing. (919) 323-3167.

See you soon, I trust!


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