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“We started working with Howie Jacobson over a year ago and since that time, Howie has not only been instrumental in increasing our business but he has helped us to strategically target business that is extremely important for us as we develop a unique niche in our market.  We have secured two long-term business arrangements with clients that we never would have landed without Howie’s help in developing the approach and content of our materials.”
Patricia Leuchten, President
The Avoca Group
Princeton, NJ

"I asked Howie to get me speaking engagements at a series of conferences – he did a great job – targeting the right conferences, getting me a speaking spot, and helping me plan my talks.  We won several clients, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in revenue, as a direct result of those speaking engagements.  Thanks, Howie."
Peter Bregman, CEO
Bregman Partners
New York, NY

"Howie got me out of the grueling and ineffective craft show rut, and helped me find a market hungry for all-natural soap.  From being a start-up 3 months ago, I now cannot stay ahead with making soap."
Mia Genis, Owner
Comfort Soap
Ewing, NJ

"When we needed someone to drive traffic to our first ever Business Expo in October 2002, we turned to Howard Jacobson to get the word out. He helped us write the promotional material and target it to our desired prospects. Not only that, he created a special report that we posted on our web site as a "giveaway", and also helped our presenters get the most out of the Expo by consulting with them on marketing strategy.

"We had over 1800 visitors to the Expo, and we and our exhibitors were delighted. We're expanding to the second floor of the hotel for next year to accommodate all the exhibitors who have already signed up!"
Joe Zoratti, Membership Coordinator
Greater Mercer County Chamber of Commerce
Trenton, New Jersey

"Thank you for your recent telephone seminar. It made me re-think my current marketing and lead generation system. The telephone seminar was not what I expected, like promotion of your other materials, sales pitches and the like. I received real world advise and discussed real world examples. I came away with a better vision of a marketing campaign that stands apart from my competition."
Alan Feldman
Virtual October
York, PA

"Howie's teleseminars are just how I like them: jargon-free, hands-on, to-the-point and filled with useful information.  We had the idea that we were going to target a new market but, didn't have any idea how we were going to go about it.   Not only did we not have an action plan, we didn't even know where to start.  At the end of Howie's teleseminar, we had determined a title for a free report we are going to give to our target market, the ideal means to reach the targets, the correct 'pain-statement' verbiage to use in the materials and a possible joint venture.  All from one call.  Now, that's what I call getting mileage out of a call."
Lena L. West
xynoMedia Development
Yonkers, NY

"It's been about 2 months since I started implementing your ideas and about 1 full month of 'really trying.' So far in that month I'm on track to add 60 prospects. That's in 1 month! And the cool thing is that all of these people asked me for information. No cold calling!"
Wayne Schulz

Wayne Schulz Consulting
Glastonbury, CT

"I wanted to thank you for the critique you gave my introduction letter. Enclosed is the result of your constructive advice. The advice you provided dissolved the writer's block I encountered with producing my first set of marketing materials."
Steven Serradilla
Professional Organizer
Trenton, NJ

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