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Here's what I do:

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articlesMarket Research

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articlesKeynotes/Public Presentation

articlesAdvertising Copywriting

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Thinking about hiring some marketing help, and having trouble cutting through all the hype?  Worried about the local firms who make nice pictures but don't "get" your business?  Scared of the internet "marketing gurus" who promise you the moon and sound so testosterone-driven and in-your-face? Feel that you're almost ready to take the plunge and hire some expert to save the day?

First, read my report: The Nine Deadly Mistakes Small Business Owners Make When Buying Marketing Help.  Then call me at (919) 323-3167 for a free 15-minute consultation.

Whatever you choose, trust your gut. No matter how confused or desperate you feel, remember that you've accomplished a great deal by relying on your own talents, instincts, and networks. Don't sell yourself or your achievements short, and don't let some marketing person make you feel like an idiot for not having already done what you're going to pay them to do.

When the fit is right, you'll know.

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