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Howie's Million Dollar Rolodex

I'm fortunate to know some great people whom I can recommend without hesitation.  Below are links to real people with real businesses that can help you professionally and personally.  Say hello for me when you get in touch with them. Thanks!

Accounting Software:
MAS90 and MAS200 Accounting Software and Support: Are you still struggling with QuickBooks, even after breaking $2 million in sales?  Wayne Schulz has legions of happy clients for whom he has installed, maintained, and upgraded MAS90 and MAS200 accounting software.  Note his powerful, specific, and accountable guarantees, and the efforts he's gone to make his business stand out in ways that matter to his clients.  Whether you need his services or just want to see a master marketer in action, check out his web site.

Sales & Marketing:
Technical Sales and Marketing for B2B: For the best in direct marketing for b2b technical sales, Perry's your man. He applies the principles of direct marketing without the "infomercial" feel that turns off a lot of corporate types.  He's kind, funny, and extremely generous with his time and expertise.

Database marketing for retail and restaurants: If you have more customers than you can recognize by voice or face, you need Dave Williams and Loyaltec. Dave designs and implements database driven marketing campaigns that help you sell more, keep customers longer, and catch customers before they leave you for a competitor.

Natural Handmade Soap: If you're looking for exquisite and unique gifts for clients, prospects, vendors, employees, and networking buddies, check out this web site.  Mia Genis makes all the soaps in small batches, using the finest natural ingredients from around the world.  People go nuts when they receive these as gifts.  An inexpensive and meaningful way to say thank you to the people who help your business succeed.  Full disclosure: Mia's my wife.  She's the reason I smell so good.

Direct Response Web Design: Frank Deardurff designed my Leads into Gold site in record time, and is incredibly generous with his time and expertise. Unlike most web designers you'll meet, Frank truly understands the tools and principles of direct response marketing.  He designs websites that sell.

Survey Your Prospects and Clients: Frank (see above) has designed a way to survey your prospects and customers online, with little fuss and no HTML programming knowledge necessary, and get incredibly useful and high quality information. Try it free for a month and you won't remember how you could possibly live without it.

Internet Marketing: Ken McCarthy is the most highly respected teacher of internet marketing on the planet. I personally attend every conference he puts on, I buy every tape he creates, and I read every email he sends out. When I listen to this man and his friends speak, it puts money in my bank account without fail.

Real World Sales Training: John Paul Mendocha has sold everything from multimillion dollar software and equipment to Mr. Coffee over the phone. I attended a training he gave, and although I was a little uncomfortable at some of "what is," I couldn't deny that John Paul tells the truth. If you want to sell in the "is" world, as opposed to the "wish it were like this" world, visit John Paul's site and buy the CDs of his SpeedSelling boot camp.

Automated Email Marketing Tool: If you get my newsletter or ever downloaded two free chapters of Leads into Gold, you know that I like to stay in touch via email. Aweber services help me in two huge ways: they allow me to automate the process, and they help me get past the spam filters.  If you have a prospect or customer list of more than 20 people, you need a tool better than Outlook to send your messages. Otherwise you're annoying people by sharing their email addresses, annoying AOL and Earthlink by sending too many copies of the same message, and risking getting yourself blacklisted as a spammer (in which case not even your mother is going to get your emails!) There are a lot of email services out there, but in my experience, confirmed by talking to a lot of other marketers, you can't beat Aweber for reliability and support.

Marketing for Independent Professionals: Robert Middleton is a great teacher and a wonderful guy. We've collaborated a bit, and I always come away from a conversation with him inspired to get back to basics. His "Infoguru" manual is a classic - if you sell professional services and feel the least bit awkward about selling, marketing, publishing, networking, writing proposals, or asking for testimonials and referrals, Robert's extremely actionable strategies and soulful writing will be the smack in the head you need.

Marketreach: Amanda Puppo and I disagree on many aspects of marketing (she likes cold calling, for example, and if you ever receive a cold call from me it's because I've dialed a wrong number), but we agree on the fundamentals.  When you hire Marketreach for prospecting and appointment setting, you'll know your ROI exactly.  She'll find you the right list, and approach them professionally.  She also will give you the pulse of your market by surveying them for you. If you feel that you need to cold call for your business, and you just can't or won't do it yourself, give Amanda a call.  I've never ended a conversation with her without feeling better about the world.

Personal Stuff:
How to Make Money Selling on Ebay: John Reese, the author of this video course, is probably the most brilliant entrepreneur I have ever seen or heard of. When he spoke at a seminar I attended, he had millionaires scribbling furiously for over 3 hours - trailing him out into the lobby and pestering him with questions until 3 am. One of his areas of expertise is eBay - specifically, how to make money selling on eBay. Because eBay is so new, very few people know how to use it effectively.  So here's an immediate gem from the course: buy other people's auction items and resell them for much more using the techniques in this course.

College Bound for Success: I got to know Susan Orenstein's work when she became a client, and now I'm recommending her book as required for all college students and their worried parents!  Sue is a clinical psychologist specializing in helping young people transition successfully to college.  She works with students and their families, gives seminars, and has created a tool to help with the initial transition to college.  If you don't want your child to be one of the 30% of students who drop out in the first 4 years, check out the Ultimate Organizer to College Life.


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