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Results-Accountable Marketing

Are you looking for help in attracting new customers or clients?  Are you sick of cold calling, wasteful advertising, and uncomfortable "networking"?  Do you want to rekindle that feeling of loving your work, loving your business, and loving the impact you have on your customers' lives?

Are you tired of the marketing fix of the week?  Another "surefire" strategy that drains your bank balance and your morale?  Another "but it worked for them" idea that is utterly impractical for you?

My friend, you need a dose of Motivated Marketing:

Marketing that comes from your passion to contribute, so it sounds and feels like you. 

Marketing that proves itself, that holds itself accountable for results. 

A complete marketing system that you put into place once and then work over and over again, with predictable results. 

A marketing system that turbocharges your sales process by doing all the heavy lifting and presenting you with a steady stream of qualified, interested prospects.

If you want to start realizing these benefits in as few as 30 days, give me a call.  I'll help you build a marketing foundation that rests on eternal principles of human psychology, not wishful thinking or pop business fads.

I'll help you reconnect with your mission, define your target market, craft a compelling message that makes you the irresistible choice of that market, reinvent your business to amplify that message (it's much easier and more fun than you think), and create a campaign to connect your message to your market. 

Plus, I insist on measuring the results of each element of the campaign.  I refuse to guess about whether my marketing is working - either you hold it and me accountable, or we don't do business.

Not convinced?  Good.  Don't believe what people say about themselves. 

Read the articles and tips on this website. Download my free report, "The Nine Deadly Mistakes Small Business Owners Make When Buying Marketing Help."

Check out some testimonials from real clients of mine. 

Sign up for my fortnightly ezine, the Motivated Marketing Letter.

If you like what you see, try me risk-free: get my do-it-yourself marketing course, "Leads into Gold," and try it for 90 days. If you don't like it, return it for a full, prompt, and cheerful refund. 

If after all that, you think that my personal attention can give your business the boost it deserves, give me a call - (919) 323-3167 or email me at


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