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Product Creation

The best way to market just about anything is by offering useful information in exchange for permission to sell.  Practically every business can market itself using reports, audiotapes, or white papers as marketing collateral. 

Think about this: how much junk mail did you receive this week?  How much did you open?  How much did you read?  How much did you buy?

We're totally overwhelmed by the amount of pointless crap that we see each day.  How much of it is valuable to you?  More to the point, how can you stand out from this crowd of meaningless, me-too marketing?

By respecting your prospects.  By giving them valuable information that improves their lives, and establishes you as a caring expert.

How many audiotapes containing valuable information did you request or receive this week? Now are you beginning to see how you can stand out?

But who has the time, energy, stamina, and writing skill to create something worth paying attention to?  Unless you're one of the lucky ones who survived high school English without feeling like an idiot, you probably think that you're not a very good writer.  You may be put off by the overwhelming number of steps it takes to create a good information product.  You may be so busy taking care of business that you don't have time to market.

If you don't have the time, the skill, the self-confidence, or the motivation, guess what?  It ain't gonna get done. 

So here's the good news:

Creating information products doesn't have to be like pulling teeth. 

Here's how easy it can be:

You call me, and we talk for an hour or so about your business. 

That's it!

You can get your best thoughts on paper or audio just by having easy, fun conversations with me.  I'm curious.  I'm easy to talk to.  I'm smart enough to understand the basics of what you're talking about, and humble enough to ask "stupid" questions that allow you to show your brilliance.  We do it over the phone, unless you want to travel to glamorous and romantic New Jersey!

I do the rest.  I take care of interviewing, recording, transcribing, editing, and graphic design.  I turn your expertise directly into an eBook, manual, audio product, book, report, web site, sales letter, or whatever other form you want. 

"In less than an hour, Howie helped me create a recorded interview to promote my services and new product.   Howie's  confidence and humor helped set the tone for the interview.  It was a fun process--the time flew by and I was very relaxed. 

"Howie's questions helped me articulate my ideas and even come up with some new ones.  His questions brought out my best answers.  Instead of spending a few hours on my own struggling to come up with material to promote my product, Howie's interview provided a more effective format that was easy and efficient. 

"It wasn't all a fluff session, either. At times Howie played "Devil's Advocate", asking me tough questions, bringing up objections that I'd heard before by potential clients.  This gave me the opportunity to address concerns about my product without feeling defensive.  Thanks Howie!"

Susan Orenstein, PhD.
College Bound for Success

The bigger the finished product, the more time we spend on the phone, and via email, etc.  But most "free reports" require a total of 90 minutes of your time.

We can part ways once you have a finished product in your hands, or I can help you market it as well.

Check out some samples of my work on this web site.  For my most complete work, check out Leads into Gold.

Also, here's a couple I've created for my own business:

The Nine Deadly Mistakes Business Owners Make When Buying Marketing Help

How to Promote Your Business as a Trade Show Attendee

Here's one I did for a client (in progress, I'll keep updating):

How to Prepare Your Child for Success in College

If you think you have an information product inside you, give me a call.  I'll happily midwife at its birth.  (And totally load you up with pain medication!)

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