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Marketing Tip of the Week
Selling from Your Web Site

People will not buy from your web site until they trust you. Because the web is so impersonal, and because there are so many scam artists out there, gaining your prospects' trust online is more of a challenge than doing it in person, or even over the phone. As the New Yorker cartoon put it, "On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog."

It takes time to build trust. And to earn that time, you've got to earn your prospects' attention, not just once, but repeatedly. How can you gain their permission to hold their attention over time?

Here are two suggestions:

1. "Bribe" your visitors to give your their email addresses. That way you can stay in touch with them proactively. Offer them a free report, a checklist, an eBook, something of immediate and compelling value.

Then communicate with them in a way that doesn't annoy them or waste their time. Don't go for the quick, hard sell. Don't give them platitudes. Don't send them pictures of your puppy. Do offer them free value that is a sample of your product or service. Position yourself as a trusted advisor, rather than a quota-hungry salesperson.

2. Provide constantly updated content on your web site, so that people bookmark your site and visit on a regular basis. Offer a "Tip of the Week" and make sure people know about it. Archive the old ones and keep updating on a regular schedule. 

You can combine the two strategies and remind your email list to check your web site whenever you post an update. Remember, if nobody knows about it, it doesn't matter if you're doing it. 

Let it shine!


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