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Lead Generation Strategies and Implementation

Do you spend way too much time cold calling on unqualified and rude prospects?  Are you constantly playing "chase the decision-maker"?  Are you falling prey to "too good to be true" claims of advertisers eager for your business?

Are you tired of playing networking games, going to meetings and breakfasts and wondering where all the business is going?

Are you great at what you do, and not so great at selling it?

My friend, you need a dose of Motivated Marketing Lead Generation:

End cold calling forever and get qualified prospects to chase you.

Position yourself as the expert helper, not the desperate peddler.

Put your prospecting on autopilot and spend your time on high-value activities that you enjoy.

Based on my proprietary "Leads into Gold" system, the Motivated Marketing Lead Generation process will transform the way you do business. 

If these benefits intrigue you, check out my report, "How to Attract All the Business You Can Handle and End Cold Calling Forever."

Buy the Leads into Gold system, risk-free, before calling me.  If you can imagine implementing it in your business and you'd like some help, contact me at (919) 323-3167 or email me at

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