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Leads into Gold: End Cold Calling Forever and Attract More Business Than You Can Handle

Are you sick of cold calling? Spend an hour at this seminar and learn a method of business development that will have qualified prospects chasing you. Lead generation advertising is a systematic, time-tested method that can reduce cold prospecting to zero and cut all waste from your advertising budget.

This seminar is for small business owners and sales professionals who are looking for an easier way to increase sales and eliminate grunt work. 

Benefit #1: Allows Unlimited Business Growth

Obviously, it would totally leverage your time. When youíre cold calling, you can only be at one place at one time. With lead generation advertising, you can be selling to many people at the same time, all over the world. Cool, huh?

Benefit #2: Makes People Chase You

With lead generation advertising, people seek you out. They initiate contact. Youíre not sending your message into a sea of competitive noise. When they get your letter or call or email, they take it! You are the Successful Professional, and theyíre jumping through hoops to hear from you.

Benefit #3: Itís Really Fun For Everyone

Lead generation advertising is totally respectful of people. It respects their time, it respects their ability to think for themselves, and it respects their need to be in control of the buying situation. 

That covers the three reasons never to cold call again. But wait, thereís moreÖ

Benefit #4: You Can Predict and Control Your Cash Flow Forever

Most businesses survive on lucky streaks, and cross their fingers and hope to ride out the tough times. Most salespeople get hot for a while, and then canít sell a glass of water in the desert. With lead generation advertising, once youíve got the system in place, the money becomes as predictable as births, deaths, and taxes. It's like installing a cash flow faucet in your business - if you need more customers, you open the faucet. If you need to cut back to service existing customers or take a vacation, you reduce the flow. You're in control.

Benefit #5: You Can Reduce Risk to Almost Nothing

Ever work really hard on a new product or serve, or open a new establishment, and totally fail to get business? Ever roll out a huge marketing campaign and be hugely disappointed? That canít happen with lead generation advertising. Not because itís magic Ė on the contrary, this is the least sexy and most boring part of the whole system. Every part is tested on a small scale, a scale where you can afford a complete failure, before you roll it out on a larger scale. 

Participants will learn the elements of a lead generation ad, how to evaluate different media and find the best value, how to create lead generation magnets, and how to craft compelling offers that turn curious prospects into hungry buyers. 

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