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howieconnect Employee of the Month for May, 2003:

Howard Jacobson, Logistics Coordinator and Head of Maintenance

Workshop on "Licking the Procrastination Habit"

Date: June 4, 2006 2007
Place: TBD

Signup begins soon.
Details available any day now.
Course outline will be available here when I get around to it.

Hear Howie Sing!

If you have Windows Media Player or Real Audio, you can listen to the following tracks from the 2-CD set, "Roosevelt String Band 2002."  Die-hard groupies can buy the album by clicking here.  All proceeds benefit the Roosevelt Arts Project
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A Chat with Your Mother A Chat with Your Mother
Hallelujah (from the Shrek soundtrack) Hallelujah (from the Shrek soundtrack)
If I Had a Boat (Lyle Lovett)  
Yihyeh Tov (click here for explanation) Yihyeh Tov (click here for explanation)
Kisses Sweeter Than Wine Kisses Sweeter Than Wine

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