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Motivated Marketing™ for Professional Services
(2-hour Introduction - jumpstart your marketing)

This introduction to Motivated Marketing focuses on the specific needs of Service Professionals; businesspeople whose main product is themselves. You'll learn the basics of how to construct a unique competitive advantage, and how to use that message to identify and reach prospects. If you think of marketing as a mysterious art or a sleazy necessary evil, you're missing out on one of the great joys of being in business for yourself: publicly standing for quality, integrity, creativity, and responsibility in everything you do. If you don't communicate your value in the marketplace, a lot of good people will end up getting ripped off or underserved by competitors who don't share your values or skills. Don't you owe it to the world to make the most meaningful contribution you can? 

In two hours, you'll:

  • Have breakfast
  • Uniquely differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Create a powerful message that connects you with a hungry market
  • Identify low-risk, high-payoff marketing activities that you'll love doing
  • Network with other business people
  • Leave with at least 2 moneymaking ideas

Important note: This workshop is limited to the first 30 participants who sign up.  When the group gets larger than that, you'll be sitting in each other's laps.  "Motivated Marketing™ provides a great introduction to the way I work, and gives out much of my most valuable stuff.  This workshop, at only $75 per person for 2 hours of valuable marketing guidance, is truly a great value. 

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