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The Motivated Marketing Letter

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The howieconnect newsletter is written in POE (plain old English).  No fluff.  I find the tone to be straight-forward and friendly.  The fact that there is no "marketing-speak" makes it an easy-read.  I also find that I retain the information better if I don't have to decipher marketing code throughout the newsletter.
Lena West
xynoMedia Development
Yonkers, NY

Keep those newsletters coming. They are inspirational!
Arlene Gold
Mercer ARC
Trenton, NJ

Read every word (over the course of a few days) and loved it!
Patty Leuchten, President
The Avoca Group
Princeton, NJ

First issue I received and I must say that THIS is a valuable newsletter. Can't wait to get your letter on techniques for ending cold calling!
Brian C. LeCount, Principal
ROWhy! Marketing
Cincinnati, OH

Great article. Love your humor. I keep reading these for inspiration. Thank you.
Susan Orenstein
College Bound for Success
Durham, NC

I read it last night and could not believe what I was reading, so I held judgment and reread it this morning. In the context of your professional newsletter, the positions you take are inappropriate and unprofessional. I am sorry you did this because I will never again be able to read your newsletter without an antenna to your personal emotion and bias. Please remove me from your mailing list.
Name Withheld

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